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The Vatican – 7th December , 2011 “God reveals Himself to little ones, he does not follow earthly rules.”

12/ 7/2011 “God reveals himself to little ones, he does not follow earthly rules”

The Pope during the Wednesday General Audience

Benedict XVI said so at today’s General Audience, affirming that “The wisdom of the Gospel is not a doctrine, but a Person to follow”
alessandro speciale

For Christians, it is one of the great mysteries – and key elements – of their faith: the fact that not only did God decide to become man, but in doing so, he chose to live among the poor and destitute of his time. Jesus himself joyfully celebrated this mystery, in the “Jubilee Hymn” passed on through the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, which begins with the words: “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”

This hymn was chosen by Benedict XVI as the subject for today’s catechesis during the usual Wednesday General Audience. Before an audience of approximately four thousand pilgrims, gathered in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, the Pope defined the hymn as “a jewel of Jesus’ prayer.”

According to Benedict XVI, the fact that God prefers to reveal his “mysteries”, not just to all human beings without distinction, but to a select group, means that “divine revelation doesn’t follow earthly rules in which the powerful hold the keys to knowledge, he said. God takes a completely different approach, choosing instead to share with “the little ones” true knowledge of the divine.” “God takes a completely different approach, choosing instead to share with “the little ones” true knowledge of the divine,” he added, “This is the will of the Father, and the Son shares this with joy.”

The Pope also urged the people of today, to have a simple heart, like a child, like those who are “poor in spirit”, free of any self-assured presumptions that they can live their own life without any help from anyone, not even God,” he explained, “we need God, we need to meet him, listen to him and talk to him.”

But “what does it mean “to be childlike,” and simple? – the Pope asked himself. What is this childlikeness that opens humans to a filial intimacy with God and to welcoming His will? What must the fundamental approach we must follow in prayer?”

The answer, according to Benedict XVI, is to be found in Jesus’ “sermon on the mount”, in which he affirmed: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” “And it is the pureness of heart that allows us to recognize the face of God in Jesus Christ. It is keeping our hearts as simple as those of children, without the presumptions of those who are locked in themselves, thinking they have no need of anyone, not even God.”

This means that the “wisdom” taught in the Gospel, “is neither a doctrine to learn nor an ethical proposal, but rather a Person to follow.” This is why its message and its call are open to everyone:” We too – the Pope explained – with the gift of the Spirit, can address God, through prayer, with the confidence of sons and daughters, calling Him Father, “Abbà”, when we pray.”


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