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Same Sex Marriage – Video (Song) One perfect Song for a Christian Wedding

It always makes me happy to attend a Catholic/Christian Wedding. It is always between a Man and a Woman. You could view a video.

Do a google search and type in “Queensland Parliament passes same-sex civil unions bill” and read.

What are your views on this subject and what do you think are the views of the Catholic Church of this subject?

My views are as follows:

  • Anything that is natural comes from God.  A union between a man and a woman and blessed by God in Holy Matrimony is the natural.
  • If God approved of a union between the same sex, he would have instituted marriage with the same sex as well.
  • Marriage is used for pro-creation.  A man and a woman who are  joined together in Holy Matrimony, love each other in the natural and produce children and these children are brought up in the family and they are taught the laws of God in the home and in the schools/churches and then they are introduced into society.  These children have a duty to glorify God in whatever they do.
  • For the same sex to be attracted to each other is un-natural.  When children are found to be having un-natural attractions towards the same sex and if and when parents discover this un-natural attitude, they need to examine as to why such a thing has occurred.
  • Maybe friends of family,  neighbours, maybe the family themselves could be reading magazines that encourage same sex relationships.  These children at a very early age could be exposed to conversations encouraging or approving same sex relationships.  They could be watching videos along with adults.  Children are defenceless and they learn whatever they are taught or exposed to.  These children could be touched by other children or even adults of the same sex in areas of the body that a meant to be private, for sexual pleasure.  For instance female babies/children could be molested by females of different ages and male babies/children could be molested by the same gender – by boys or by male adults.  Maybe when these babies were in their mothers’ womb, there were discussions and approvals of same sex relationships or maybe they watched these type of movies or videos.
  • If and when a parent/parents discover that their children have un-natural attractions, they should immediately seek professional counselling and ofcourse they should also be taken to church – be prayed over on a regular basis
  • They should be taught of the Love of God.  Bibles stories are to be read to them and they could have discussions.  The word of God should be read to them constantly and they should claim the promises of God.
  • Parent/parents should pray for their babies right from the moment they are aware that they are having a baby.
  • Parent/parents should love their baby/babies with holy love right from the moment they cradle their babies in their arms.
  • When the same sex embrace each other,  it should only be done with brotherly or sisterly love.
  • Children should be taken to church atleast once a week and have fellowship with like minded children.
  • Children should be taught Christian values.
  • I could go on and on but parent/parents should learn how to bring up children with the right values even before they get married.  It is very necessary for the couples to qualify themselves and equip themselves for married life and they should desire only good and natural things for their children.
  • It is important to have your babies and children to be blessed by priests on a regular basis.

I would like to end of this note.  Parents have a responsibility towards bringing up their children with the right Christian values.  It is very important that when parents tuck their children into bed, they pray with them and they bless them and their room with holy water every night.

My dear people I can assure you that if you so  desire your children to be normal and have normal and natural relationships in life, you would surely educate them and teach them right from the moment they are conceived in your womb.  Are you aware that you can talk to your  baby when it is in your womb.  You could tell your baby that it is loved.  That Jesus Christ loves them and that they are blessed and that you are waiting for them to be born. etc. etc.  Every parent I think want  their children to be the good and talented etc.  Then it is best you introduce Jesus Christ to them right from the moment you become aware that you have conceived.

If you want your child to be a doctor,   a nun,   a priest,  a nurse,  a teacher etc. they would have to be educated and graduate in their studies to have such careers.  In like manner, if we want our children to be normal and have natural relationships, we would educate them accordingly and we would be careful who our children are friends with.  We would introduce them to Christ Jesus and teach them to accept him as their Lord and Saviour and we can be sure that they would become what we train them to be.

It is very important that we pray for all children in our homes, in our neighbourhood, our state, our country and the entire world that Our Lord Jesus Christ would bless these innocent beings with His greatest blessings and will help them have natural and healthy relationships in this world and be a good example in OUR SOCIETY AND GIVE GOD GLORY IN EVERYTHING THEY DO.

After you read I would like you to think about your family, your friends and those whom you and your family associate with and ask yourself a few questions and see if you are happy with the answers that come to your minds. It is always good for us to wonder about these things and ask God to help us bring up our babies/children as the Children of the Most High God.

If we decide to follow Christ Jesus, believe me my dear people, it is easy. God will give us the grace to follow Him and He will bless our families with all good and natural or even super natural  things.

You could forward this article to your friends.

These are my opinions. What are yours?


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