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Video – In You Alone (Spiritual Song)

Video – In You Alone (Spiritual Song) (click here)

What we are is God’s Gift to Us.

What we become is Our Gift to God.

(Eleanor Powell)

(These two sentences has inspired me for a long time and when I did see it in this video, I decided to upload this video for you all to see. This video is very inspirational. There are times in every individual’s life when a person feels very alone and deserted. There are times in our lives when we are going through great suffering and the only person who can help us is God. We must be strong and cling to the cross and raise our eyes heavenward. In Him (Christ Jesus) alone we must trust and You can be sure that He will never let us down. When people are going through great suffering, many commit suicide, many end up in the mental asylum, many rebel against God and lose their faith in Him and leave the church and do not return ever. Believe me, my dear people, Jesus Christ is the ONLY ANSWER and He has died for You and for Me, so that we would live happily in His Tender Love. He knows exactly what is going on in your life and He cares for you like nobody else does. If you are going through great trials and difficulties now, believe me, one day soon He will light up your life and the happiness that you experience would be indescriable. BE BRAVE, BE STRONG, FOR THE LORD OUR GOD, HE LOVES YOU.

There are many people who when they are going through great difficulties in their lives, they turn to Black Magic, Fortune Tellers, Pyschics, Tarot Readings,  Pranic Healing, Occult etc.   They resort to wearing charms and  crystals.  Some of them carry crystals of different colours to work and they also keep many types of different crystals in their homes.   One person had the  nerve to display her crystals at work.  She displayed two large crystals on her desk.  Well, I did not openly tell her that she should put her crystals away and not bring them to work again but I had my own way of showing my displeasure and we did not see those crystals again.  She might have been carrying the same in her bag but we did not ever see it again.   This person ofcourse was not a  Catholic or a Christian.  She did not believe in Jesus Christ.  My dear people, you only multiply your problems if you go away from God and go to other mediums.

Jesus Christ has died for you – He is the Anwer to all your Problems. Seek Him and Him alone. Come back to church – talk to your priests – Go for Confession – talk to a leader whom you can trust and they will help you in your problems. After you go for Confession, attend Mass and receive Holy Communion. When you are close to Christ Jesus, He will defend you every moment of Your Life. Come back to Christ my dear people and Be Sure that He will Solve Your Problems.

(A few people have spoken to me about their experiences with the Occult and  I speak to them and find out what they have done.  I then pray with them.  If I feel there is a lot of evil, then I will not pray alone, I always have another person along with me and then we would pray.  But we always pray before the Blessed Sacrament for such cases because it is truly Jesus Christ present and when He is present and our faith is strong, the evil will be overcome.  I recommend them to  do the following: 

  • Come Back to Church
  • Go for  Confession
  • Attend Mass and Receive Holy Communion at least once a week.
  • Very important to read the scriptures every day, especially the psalms which give a person comfort and strength.
  • To pray before the Blessed Sacrament atleast for 1 hour a day.
  • To attend a Charismatic Prayer Group atleast once a week

Everyday, I cling to the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ for in Him alone do I Trust. When you cling to the Cross, no evil and nobody with any evil intention can harm you, because God becomes your Vindicator and your Saviour.  I have been doing this for a very long, long time and believe me, I am very Happy. Does that mean to say, that I have no problems. No, I do have problems, every human being does have problems, but Our Lord Jesus Christ is with me and He is my Greatest Joy and He will be Your Joy as well, if you Cling to the Cross Everyday.


November 19, 2011 - Posted by | Catechesis

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  1. My dear Florence, thank u for this beautiful article that gives us the assurance that Jesus Christ our Lord is the answer to everything.

    Comment by Deseree D'Navis | November 24, 2011 | Reply

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