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All Souls Day – November 02, 2011

Today the Catholic Church Celebrates ALL SOULS DAY.
These souls have lived on this earth and they have tried to live a holy life. They have surely lived their life, loving their God and creator. When they died, they were sent  to Purgatory to be purified before they are taken to their heavenly abode where they would live forever in God’s Glory.  The Souls who are in purgatory are suffering because they are longing to be with their God and maker but they surely know that they have conquered and that one day they will bask in God’s Glory.

It is our duty to pray for these souls and intercede to Our dear God and Maker to have mercy on them and to take them into His Heavenly Glory.  Today all the Catholics would attend Mass to pray for their loved ones who have passed away. We would also be praying for Souls who do not have anyone to pray for them. In fact, we would be praying for all the souls in purgatory.

All over the world Catholics would be attending Mass, visiting cemetries, lighting candles and placing flowers on the graves of their loved ones.

My suggestion is that we should continue to pray for the suffering souls in purgatory everyday when we attend Mass. In this way, we would lessen their days in purgatory and when these souls are taken to heaven, they in turn would pray for us.

As November is the Month dedicated to pray for Souls, I suggest that we could approach the priests in our parish to offer Mass for the souls of our loved ones.

Matt. 5:48 – Jesus says, “be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.” We are only made perfect through purification, and in Catholic teaching, this purification, if not completed on earth, is continued in a transitional state we call purgatory.

God is perfect and we cannot go to live with Him forever, if we are not perfect. When a person dies, its Soul needs to be purified and made perfect before the Soul enters Heaven to live with God forever and ever.

This day is a reminder for us who are on earth to try to live a perfect life, which is very difficult because only God is perfect. Many people who are living in this life go through very many difficult situations that they cannot prevent and cannot understand but if they bear their suffering in silence and patience, this could be their purification on earth. If these people do not complete their purification on earth, they would surely be purified in Purgatory before they reach their Final Destination – HEAVEN – where they would be with God in His Glorious and Majestic Presence Forever and ever.

A common pray that we say for the Souls is as follows”



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