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God Our Father is Our Loving Creator!

Our Heavenly Father has created each one of us. He formed us in our mother’s womb with such care and detail. His loving gaze was on us all the time as we were growing in our mother’s womb. Never once did He take His gaze away from us. Now, after so many years of being born and growing up in this wonderful world that He has gifted to us, all we can and should say is:

“Thank You God, My Heavenly Father for creating me in your image and likeness. Increase in my heart LOVE FOR YOU AND FOR MY NEIGBOUR. But most of all Lord, I ask you to help me to LOVE MYSELF, for if I do not LOVE MYSELF, then how can I love you and love my neighbour.”

I am sure that most of us can say that we are happy with ourselves. Meaning, we are happy that we have been created by This Awesome and Wonderful God, whom we call ‘OUR FATHER’. We need to on a daily basis communicate with ‘OUR FATHER.’ This ofcourse, we do through prayer and meditation, through the Mass, by praying the Rosary etc. We have so much to thank God for because the LIFE THAT HE HAS GIVEN US IS A GIFT AND EACH DAY IS A WONDERFUL LIVING EXPERIENCE.
Nothing should be taken for granted. As we appreciate and enjoy everyday that the Almighty Father has given us, we must THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Every day has its blessings and its challenges. There is a saying “Life is Not a Bed of Roses,” meaning that we will have crosses to bear and difficulties will come our way, but we should not forget that as God our Father was constantly gazing on us while we were being formed in Our Mother’s womb, He is still gazing on us and is taking care of us. In response, we are called to have our gaze on This Great Big God of Ours. He gave us His Only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who died and rose again, so that we would have Everlasting Life. We are all called to have Our Gaze on Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. When we gaze on Him, we are gazing on God the Father and this we could do, only through the Power of the Holy Spirit, who is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity!

Jesus Christ, His Son instituted the Church on the Rock, Peter, the Apostle. In Mt 16:18 Jesus Christ says:

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

From that time till date, the Catholic Church is still standing on the Promises
of God and the Holy Spirit is dwelling in the church and living in each one of the Baptised.

The Parish is the unit where we gather together to Celebrate Mass as a Family of God and where the Sacraments are administered by the Priests. We do have a duty towards Our Priests. Our Heavenly Father is nourishing our Souls and Our Spirits through the Church that His Son, Jesus Christ instituted on earth. We in turn should appreciate and take care of His Church on earth, beginning with our parish and its priests. We need to be generous in our thoughts, words and deeds towards them.

These priests came from homes like ours. They left their homes in order to become priests. Priests are educated for seven years – to enable them to minister to the people. We, as a unit have a responsibility towards our parish and our pastors. First of all, we need to pray for our parish, our priests and for the community (for each member of the parish community) everyday. When we do so, God our Creator will unfold His Heavenly Plan in our lives, in the lives of the parish community and for Our Parish. It is also very important to pray for the Archbishops and Bishops who head the Diocese and who are in charge of all parishes in their jurisdiction. We must pray for them and we must love them with the Love of the Lord. These Bishops and Archbishops report to the Vicar of Christ on earth who sits on the Seat of St Peter.

We then have a duty to pray for Our Vicar on earth, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Our Cardinal George Pell, Our Archbishop Denis Hart, all bishops of Melbourne, all Bishops of Australia, all Cardinals, all bishops, all priests, Deacons, Seminarians, all religious, for the lay people, for all peoples of this world, for the whole of creation, for all world leaders, for all Religious Leaders of the world and for the whole of creation. When you begin to pray in this manner, Our Lord Jesus Christ who is OUR TEACHER will teach us and reveal to us the needs of the church and the needs of the world and we would most willingly get down on our knees and pray. The world is in great need of Intercessors and we are all called to be intercessors when we were baptised. When we pray, we cover ourselves and all those whom we pray for with the Blood of the Lamb and offer all, through the Heart of Mary, the Mother of God, Through the Holy Spirit and Through the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus into the hands of Our Heavenly Father, Praying that Only His Holy Will Be Done in our lives and on the Earth.

God, Our Heavenly Father is calling each one of us to respond to His Love – Every priest and every individual to respond to His love by loving Him in return. We are also called to be generous in Our Thoughts, Words and Deeds towards others. God will then bless and reward our Endeavours.


October 30, 2011 - Posted by | Prayers

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