Reaching out to Catholic/Christians Individuals/Families

Baptism and My Testimony

The day when we were baptised I guess was a very exciting day for our parents, family and friends. For those of us who were baptised when we were babies and for some special cases where babies were baptised the same day they were born, I think it is important that we celebrate every year the Day of our Baptism just as we celebrate our birthdays. Now, you might ask me why? Well, this is in reality the greatest day of our lives because we have been Born Again. You might ask – Born Again? How? Well, when our mothers gave birth to us and we were born into this wonderful world, we are part of this world and we grow up and get educated in the things of this world – because we definitely are part of this world. We breathe the air that everyone breathes, eat the food that people eat to survive. We enjoy the earth and all that it has to offer us. At baptism, we receive the Holy Spirit and His seal is set on us, so we become sons and daughters of Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ becomes our brother. We are then initiated into the Catholic Church. As we grow older, our Parents and God Parents educate us and teach us about Heavenly things. We are thought by them about God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Spirit empowers us to know and understand the things of God. Without the Holy Spirit we would not be able to say that ‘JESUS IS LORD’. Born Again is when we are born of the Spirit through Baptism and then we begin to learn and understand the things of the Spirit and of Our Heavenly Kingdom.

At the baptism of a child, the Parents and God Parents promise God that they would bring up this child as a child of God by taking the responsibility of teaching the child its prayers and educating this child about the Kingdom of God.

I remember when I was little, my parents would take us all to church every Sunday. We were taught to go for confession every Saturday and when I asked my mother – what sins do I have to confess every Saturday and she told me that she would give me a list. Well, I was a very mischievious child when I was little. Every night we would say prayers as a family. Even if my dad was not home because he was working, my mum would gather us together and we would pray.

Believe me, I personally felt very happy when I prayed especially as a family. Mum would incense our home before prayer, we would light candles. Each of us had our own rosaries. When I prayed, I felt very happy. In my heart, I felt a great and deep love for my God. Prayer time was a very special time for us as a family. Besides what we studied in school, my parents taught us that God was a loving God and He was powerful and He was our Provider and our protector and that we needed Him to live a Happy Life.

When I got married and my babies were little we went to church as a family. We prayed every night as a family. I took the responsibility of teaching our children to pray The Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, Prayer to their Guardian Angel and other prayers. We taught them to pray spontaneously and to get in touch with God at any time
during the night or day.As they grew older we would read from the bible and have bible sharing.

You might say that it is very difficult to take babies to church when they are little, so I go to church for one Mass and my husband babysits, then he goes for Mass while I babysit. I do not agree with this. When we are a family, we must try to go to church as a family. This can be done only when the children are little. It is very important to do that. The reason being when we go to church for Mass, we are going into the presence of God.

For those parents who do not go to church every Sunday for some reason or the other should, make an extra effort to start going to church and to take their children with them and enter into God's Throne of Love, Mercy and Grace for when we do so, we receive tremendous blessings, such as temporal, spiritual and physical blessings.

People do not go to church because they are perfect but because they need God. We go to church because we love God and we know that we need Him to help us live in this life. We know that we would have problems and difficulties to face during the week and we definitely need His Grace to sustain us. More importantly we should strive for perfection. Jesus Christ said 'Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect.'

Now, my children are adults and they go for Mass every Sunday without me/us
having to remind them. Our parents taught us to love God and we in turn have taught our children to love God.

I would like to mention here that there are people who are initiated into the Catholic faith when they are adults. These adults express their desire of becoming Catholics and the RCIA Groups in parishes are responsible for instructing these individuals about the Catholic Faith and they receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation at Easter time. They are also instructed about the Sacrament of Reconciliation which they would need to approach atleast once a year, especially during the Easter time. These adults could be welcomed to become active members in their parishes. These adults should also celebrate the Day that they receive all their sacraments because I am sure this Day would be the Greatest Day of their lives! Wow! Imagine them receiving 3 Sacraments in One day.

All the Baptised need God all the time. We need to constantly raise our minds and hearts to God in pray during the day. God is kind, loving and merciful. He is constantly watching over us and we need to respond to His love and mercy by loving Him. We need to very importantly teach our children to:

1. To pray every day – to have a conversation with God –
to talk and to listen.
2. To try and go for daily Mass whenever it is possible
but to definitely go for Sunday Mass.
3. That they need to have a relationship with God
at all times – in Joyful and Happy times and more
especially when they have difficulties and problems.
4. They need to fall in Love with Christ Jesus, Our Lord
and Saviour, for Jesus died on the cross for Love of us.
5. We need to learn to surrender ourselves and our plans to the
will of God and teach our children to do so.
6. We need to encourage them to study scripture because
when a person studies scripture, their spiritual
eyes are opened and they see God as a loving and
merciful Father and that He sent His Son to die for
us so that we would have Eternal Life. The Word of
God is alive and when a person studies scripture the
Word of God transforms them and helps them to strive
towards holiness.

Christ Jesus is Our Good Shepherd and we are His flock. We need to constant-
ly have our gaze on Him and He will lead us near cool and restful waters and He would revive our spirits. Please read Psalm 23 – The Lord is our Shepherd.


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