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If Our God IS for us, then who can be against us?  Do we realise that Our God is Our Everlasting God.  Man will come and go but God is FOREVER.  He is the Alfa and the Omega – The Beginning and the End.  Those who wait on the Lord, will be renewed in their spirit and we will never be the same.  Our God is the Greatest. We must believe in Him and in Him alone.

Yes, we wait upon the Lord,  for He reigns forever. He is the Everlasting God and He is Faithful.  He is Our Lifter and our Provider. What is it that you need today.  Ask and you will receive.  Ask with faith and it will be given to you – Never doubt, for God wants us to be happy and He wants to meet our needs every day and every moment of our lives.  With Christ Jesus we cannot fail, except if we quit. We must always believe that we are moving forward.  We should not be quitters but we should be learners because it is going to be alright for the Everlasting God is with us.  When problems comes our way, we become despondent and we forget the God who created this whole universe.  Our God is our creator.  How amazing is our God.  Everyday, we are learning the lessons of life. Everyday is a living experience. We do have good times and bad times but we must remember that God is for us and He is constantly blessing us. So, we should begin to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

What we have today is exactly what God wants us to have.  Our family, our friends,a job – even it is a small one, a roof over our heads, our meals and clothes that we wear.  We should take what we have  and make the most out of it.    We must believe that God has equipped us to live today. Today is what I have and I must live today to the fullest.  We are called to live every moment doing what God wants me to do and to be happy in His love , trusting in Him alone.  I must believe that Our God is on the Throne and whatever He has given me today, is all that I need for today.  When the moment comes, God will give me much more.

We must remember that we are Precious in God’s eyes.   Let us go deep into the words, PRECIOUS.  Precious means something of great price and high value.  How many of us really and truly believe that we are something of GREAT PRICE AND HIGH VALUE.  God is calling each one of us to believe in Him and in ourselves.  David had a sling and a few small stones and with this he conquered Goliath.  He did not wear any armour.  If did, he might have lost the battle because it would have weighed him down.  So what he had was the best to fight Goliath.  So we must put on our armour of faith, love and especially trust in God.  With this, God will take us places that we never dreamed of.

God gave us Jesus Christ and He dwells in our hearts.  With Him, we are achievers and believe me, what you and I have today, is what God wants us to have.  Tomorrow is another day and if we are lacking tomorrow, God will come and breathe on the little that we have and make it PLENTY FOR US.  If we use what God has given us, He will multiply what we have and bless what we have.  With God, we will never be in want.  If we do not have today, tomorrow God will give us more and we will be in a position to help others. We must believe that we are UNIQUE and SPECIAL –  There is no one on this whole wide earth who can ever be like me, like you. So, I must be me and you must be you.  We must do what God wants us to do.  What he has given us today is what we need for today. Remember, tomorrow is another day.  God has given us what we need to do today according to His Holy Will and we must rejoice that we have today.  This morning we woke up while many did not.  What we have today is LIFE, so let us live it doing what God wants me to do today.  

I would like to remind you that you and I are God’s MASTER PIECE – So let us go about today knowing that ‘I AM GOD’S MASTER PIECE’ and there is no one else like me.  I am Unique and Special and remember that we are the children of God and that we lack nothing.   Let us live today knowing that we are PRICELESS.  Wow! this is so comforting.




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Are you Sad Today?

I listened to Our Lord Jesus Christ this morning and He inspired me to write.  Are you Sad today?  What has happened to make you sad and depressed.  I know that feeling.  It is terrible.  My advice to you this morning is to immediately stop doing what you are doing.  Close your eyes, quieten yourself.  Let all the background sounds fade away.  Be still and listen to your heart beating.  Forget yourself and forget what is troubling you.  Just see Our Lord Jesus Christ standing before you.  He is dressed in dazzling white clothes.  His shoulder length auburn hair is blowing in the wind.  He is looking down at you for He can see you either sitting or kneeling before Him.  You are having your gaze on Him and He is smiling at you.  He now picks you up in His arms and He is holding you to Himself.  He says, TRUST ME and give me all your burdens and troubles and I will give you rest.  Jesus Christ said in Mt 11: 28-29  “28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”
He is now holding you close in His loving arms.  He is your healer, your comforter and your Saviour.  Rest in His arms for a while and received His Peace which surpasses all understanding.  When you do feel rested enough and peaceful, give Him that which is troubling and bothering you and trust that He will take care of you.

Now, that you have given Him that which is troubling you,  my sincere advice is to forget your problem and begin living from today, this minute as if you have no problem because you really do not as you have given your problem to Jesus Christ.  Look into His eyes and thank Him for His blessings.  Now, you can open your eyes and continue with your work.

My sincere advice to you is whenever you feel troubled or bothered, you can go into the presence of Jesus Christ and give him your problems and be sure that He will handle the situation better than you and He will take care of you and your problems.

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Baby Jesus Appears in Bethlehem – His place of Birth – Caught on camera


This a MUST SEE.  It is a miracle.  I am amazed but I do believe this  because I did go for Midnight on Christmas and I did have an awesome experience.  During the Our Father,  at Mass, our Spirits were transported to Bethlehem to the time when Jesus Christ was born in a stable.  I did see Mother Mary, St Joseph and Baby Jesus.  Baby Jesus was a little bit older and He was in His Manager and He was abit active when compared to a newly born baby.   I did ask Mother Mary if I could carry baby Jesus and she said, ‘Yes’.  So I carried Baby Jesus and then all the important Catholic people were there in spirit and they all had a chance to carry baby Jesus.  It was an amazing night.  



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Lord, Deliver Me!

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The Church Alive – New Evangelisation!


My Dear Friends/Readers,

We do not have to worry about anything else that people tell us.  It is the Year of  Faith declared by our dear Pope Benedict XVI.  Take up your bibles – Everyday, read the Daily Readings – Meditate on the Readings and the Gospel.  Look up for Catholic Sites that give authentic Catholic Teachings and do not worry about anything else that confuses you.

Let us give Glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Let our first priority be to know our religion so that we can go forth and be able to defend our faith, to stand our ground and more importantly to PROCLAIM OUR FAITH/JESUS CHRIST TO ALL THOSE WHOM WE MEET.

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Are We Communicating with God – A Reminder to Prayer.

A Reminder to Pray!

This morning I went for Mass and I went early for Mass.  For those of us who can go to daily Mass, I think we should make that added effort to not only go for Mass but to be there on time.  We should pray the Mass devoutly and receive Holy Communion in the State of Grace.  In Holy Communion Jesus Christ comes to dwell in our hearts.  He comes to give us strength to live the day accordingly to the Will of Our Heavenly Father.

It is very important to remember that when we communicate with Our Heavenly Father, we pray through Jesus Christ His Son and by the Power of the Holy Spirit. We, on our own do not have the power to pray and call God, Our Father without the Holy Spirit.

To have a relationship with God, we must pray (communicate with Him.)  Personal Prayer is very important – atleast once a day.  We can pray the daily readings of the Mass and meditate or we can read the gospel of the day and meditate.  God speaks through His word.  For spiritual strength, it is important for us to read and meditate on His word.  We make sure that we do not skip a meal because if we do, then we will go hungry and our bodies would become weak.  In like manner, it is absolutely important for us to read and study God’s word.  His word is food for our soul.  If we do not read and meditate on God’s word, we would remain ignorant to what God wants us to do and our soul would become sick.

My dear people, if an individual wants to be healthy and strong in mind, soul and body and draw closer to God who help them in their difficulties and be present in their joys, that individual should read God’s word and meditate. 

I am sure that you are aware of what happens when we eat food.  We chew the food and when we swallow the same, it travels to the stomach where it is digested and then distributed to all parts of the body, thus strengthening our body.

Let me explain what happens when we hear the Word of God being read or when we read His Holy word.  When we hear the word of God being read, the word enters through our ear and travels down to our hearts.  The Word of God is alive and active. When the word of God reaches our hearts, the word that is alive begins to work in our hearts.  The spiritual energy is then used to take us closer to God and to our neighbour.  The love for God, for ourselves and our neighbour begins to grow in our hearts.  When we look at others, we begin to see others through the eyes of Christ Jesus and our whole life has a New Meaning.  We now know that we have a mission to love God and serve God with our whole being and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  We then begin to act like our Master, Our Lord Jesus Christ and we begin a live of love, charity and mercy.

We can pick any time of the day that is convenient for us to pray personal prayer.  Now there is something else that I would like to add here.  When we are really and truly in love with someone – what do we do.  We think of them constantly and if we could we would try to communicate with them often during the day.  In like manner we are all called to fall in love with God – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – The One Triune God.  When we are in love with God, we will constantly keep in touch with Him.  We would think of Him constantly and we would do His Holy Will.

So my dear people try your best not to miss one day without having personal prayer.





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Good and Faithful Servant!

I was viewing this video and it really touched my heart. You will note that the bond between Msgr Georg Ganswein and
His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI is really strong – It is the Holy Spirit that binds the two together in Holiness and yet again you will see the three of them together knit together with the power of the Holy Spirit – The three are Msgr Georg Ganswein, Cardinal Bertone and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI! Wow to Friendship, Faithfulness and Loyalty!

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Pope’s Right Hand Man – Bishop Georg Ganswein – Congratulations! Ordained as Bishop on 6th January, 2013!

I would like to add here that Msgr Georg Ganswein was Personal Secretary to Pope Benedict XVI. He was found to be extremely faithful to His Holiness and was rewarded on 6th January, 2013 when he was ordained as Bishop among 3 others. It personally gives me great pleasure to note Msgr Georg Ganswein was selected to be ordained as Bishop. Heaven has won again! Another Victory over evil!

Let us the Laity continue to pray for Our Pope Benedict XVI, the Roman Curia, all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious and for the whole Catholic Church that Our Lord Jesus Christ would continue to lead and guide Our Church!

Let us continue to pray for the Catholic Church in Australia who remains Constant and Faithful to the Vicar of Christ on Earth.

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Mary of the Cross MacKillop – The First Australian Saint – Can we try to be like Her?

  1. Photo: Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Pray for us.
    I feel inspired to mention a few points about the First Australian Saint.
    1.      She followed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
    2.      When she was young she had the responsibility of going to work at an early age to support her family as her father did have
              problems with holding a job.
    3.      Her aim was to educate the poor children and teach them about Jesus Christ.
    4.      She did begin the order of the Josephite nuns.
    5.      She was ex-communicated because of a misunderstanding but was reinstated after a year, I think.
    I just randomly selected 5 points.  We could now try to compare  our lives with this great saint.  She did follow the
    inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  Are we able to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and are we daring enough to
    implement the strategies in our lives and help others as well?  Are we capable of holding a job and being responsible in our job?  Are we committed and do we work honestly?  Do we squander our money or do we use it wisely?  Do we share our money with our family?  Do we have a desire in our hearts to educate children in the ways of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We can begin with our own children and with the extended family.  We can teach them Christian Values and help them to develop a desire to learn more about Christ Jesus and to have a desire to Live A  Holy Life.  Maybe, we can become Catechists in our parish or get involved with the Teen Groups – helping teenagers to continue on their journey with Jesus Christ as their companion and friend or you could get involved with helping the Youth form a group and be active Spiritually (prayer, adoration and by getting leaders of other groups to come over and give talks), Physically (can arrange games and sports in the parish premises to help flourish healthy relationships and to keep healthy.  It is important to get the youth interested in keeping fit and to get them interested in various types of activities and health programs.  The main aim should be to help the youth to have a desire to keep fit and healthy all the days of their lives).  We could train the youth to be mentally and emotionally strong by having various types of programs such as Inner Healing, to build their confidence, to train them to be able to relate with all types of people.  I also think it is important to teach youth about endurance.  Many youth give up when things begin to get difficult.  They are unable to see a way out of their problems.  Some youth may have pressures from family, peer groups, at their work places etc. etc.  They could be taught strategies of how to cope in difficult situations.  Every single youth and person is precious in the eyes of God.  There are many times that we commit the sin of omission and we will definitely be answerable to God for sins of omission.  Are we ready to dare to do something for the community like Mary of the Cross?  Are we prepared to share with those who have less?  Are we prepared to listen the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to make a path where others have not trod.  It will not be easy to try to do the above but we should have the strength and the courage of the Holy Spirit to persevere.  There might or might not be opposition but we need to keep on keeping on and God will send people our way to help us achieve His Holy Will on earth.
    So, let us keep Mary of the Cross as our example and try to be the Kind of Person that God has created us to be!
    My aim is to reach people in all countries.  So,  I would request those who read this article and like what they read, can encourage those in other countries besides Australia to access this blog  and try to implement some of the things in their lives, their families, extended families, communities and parishes.

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Come Back – There is still Hope – Come Back to Jesus Christ and He will give you New Life!

I have been watching this video clip and I think that the Singer is revealing that when she set eyes on the Waiter, she falls in love with him and she dreams of getting married to him and having a family with him. I think there are many youth out there who do not value marriage or having children or raising a family. Many youth have become selfish and are all out to have fun with girls and to eventually ditch them.

I have decided to pug this video clip on my blog and I hope and pray that this would reach many youth who are sceptic of having healthy relationships with each other because they either do not trust the other or because they do not want to responsibility of getting married and raising a family. I think it is time for the youth of today to make a complete TURN AROUND and walk back to Jesus Christ. Many youth have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation but have for some reason not continued to come back to Church. To these youth, I pray and request them to come back to Jesus Christ. To all the youth who are confused, or whose hearts are filled with disappointment, who have met with failure after failure in their lives, who have lost all hope in God – I pray, Come back to Jesus Christ – Go to Church, make a good confession and receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist who is the ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.

I request all those who read this article and if you know of someone who is lonely, who has lost all hope and who do not know what to do next, please pray for them and request them to read this article. Tell them not to give up hope for JESUS CHRIST is real and He will surely help them. So dear youth, THERE IS HOPE. GO BACK TO CHURCH AND MEET YOUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST WHO IS WAITING FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS. HE IS WAITING TO GIVE YOU NEW LIFE AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.



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